CHARLES II Silver Counter Box. Circa 1660.

CHARLES II Silver Counter Box. Circa 1660.


Stunning CHARLES II Silver Counter Box of good gauge.
Maker's mark only. Circa 1660.

The box has a cylindrical form and a pull-off cover with an engraved portrait of Charles II, with the inscription 'CAROLVS II D:G:ANG SCROFET HI REX'.
The base is engraved with the Royal Arms within the Garter motto beneath a crown and flanked by the Royal Cipher. The interior has nine contemporary counters very crisply struck with the Royal portrait.

The maker's mark is struck on the inside of the lid only. There is an old worn copper coin strengthener inside the base of the counter box which was carried out many years ago.

This is a beautiful counter box with extremely crisp Royal engravings on the lid, base and on the counters.

A Private Collection.
Alastair Dickenson Ltd.
The Albert Collection.
Illustrated in Butler, R., The Albert Collection, Broadway Publishing, 2004, page 53, number 152.

Length: 2.48 inches (6.3cm)
Weight: 3.6 troy ounces (112 grams) box and counters