Victorian silver Military Fiddle and Thread table service

Victorian silver Military Fiddle and Thread table service


Very attractive and unusual Victorian sterling silver Military Fiddle and Thread 60 piece table service. All by George Adams. London 1847 - 1873. A very careful job has been done of erasing the original initials or crests from each piece.

George Adams was linked to the Chawner dynasty by marriage to Mary Chawner in 1838. The Chawners could trace their pedigree as silversmiths through apprenticeship to that excellent spoonmaker, Ebenezer Coker, in the eighteenth century. From 1840 to 1883, George Adams was the proprietor of Chawner and Co., which was the most important firm of silver spoon and fork manufacturers in London, rivalled only by Francis Higgins. They made a large variety of patterns and also developed their own, more elaborate, designs. The Chawner & Co. silver was always of top quality. Military Fiddle Thread is a rare variant of the Fiddle and Thread pattern. The difference is that the Military pattern has scrolls instead of shoulders. The scrolls make this a very attractive table service indeed. However, the difference is quite unobtrusive and this table service will mix very happily with other standard Fiddle and Thread pieces, such as serving pieces, for example.

Length of tablefork 8.2 inches (20.8 cm)








Excellent condition with good hallmarks and a very crisp feel to the set all round