Elizabeth I defeat of the Spanish Armada bronze counter

Elizabeth I defeat of the Spanish Armada bronze counter


Elizabeth I bronze counter commemorating the defeat of the Spanish Armada. 1588. Obverse: Two ships engaged. Beneath, CLASSIS . HISP. (The Spanish Fleet.) Legend: VENIT . IVIT . FVIT. 1588. (It came, it went, it was.) m.m. Castle: stops, crosses. Reverse: Shield of Zealand, crowned. Legend: SOLI . DEO . GLORIA. (To God alone the glory.) m.m Castle: stops, crosses. See Medallic Illustrations vol.I, page 146/113.

This counter was one of a number struck at Middleburg, Holland. to commemorate the sudden destruction and entire disappearance of the Armada. Having suffered much from the attacks of the English fleet, the Spanish admiral took to flight hoping to escape round the northern isles. Lord Howard followed but was forced to give up the chase due to lack of ammunition. A tremendous storm blew up and the Spanish fleet perished with no one in pursuit. The loss of the Armada put an end to Spains hopes of conquering England and of the complete subjugation of the Low Countries




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