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Victorian silver and horn table cigar lighter


Very eye-catching Victorian silver and horn table cigar lighter with a convivial feel. London 1893 by Joseph Braham. The lighter has a gimbal mounted spherical reservoir. The collar mount to the horn handle is initialled D beneath a Barons coronet for the 2nd Baron Deramore of Belvoir in Co. Down. The end of the horn handle is tipped with a small piece of unmarked silver. The base of the spherical reservoir is fully hallmarked as is also one half of the gimbal. The other half is marked with all but the date mark.

This is a very genuine piece of silver which has been in the family since 1893 and has been well cared for. In view of Baron Deramores links with Co. Down, it is quite possible that the horn used for the handle came from an Irish animal.
Hallmarked :- London 1893