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IRISH Orange Order Medal by William Mossop. Circa 1798.

Historically significant Irish silver medal of the Orange Order.
Maker: William Mossop. Dublin. Circa 1798.

Obverse: Image of King William of Orange looking right.
Reverse: Coat of Arms with motto dieu et mon droit - God and my right (the motto of the British monarch).

The Orange Order is a Protestant fraternal order based primarily in Northern Ireland. The Orange Order was founded in County Armagh in 1795, during a period of Protestant–Catholic conflict. It is headed by the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland, which was established in 1798. Its name is attributed to the Dutch-born Protestant King William of Orange, who defeated the army of Catholic King James II in the Williamite–Jacobite War (1688–1691).

Diameter: 1.3 inches (3.3cm)
Weight: 0.55 troy ounces (31 grams)
c 1798
Extremely fine