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GEORGE III Sterling Silver Funnel, inclusive of Ring by John Moore. London 1807.

Simple and elegant GEORGE III sterling silver funnel, inclusive of ring.
Maker: John Moore. London 1807

The body of this funnel is perfectly plain with the exception of a band of reeding at the rim and another one at the base of the spout. There are four applied strips of silver at the start of the spout to protect the funnel from being damaged by the decanter. The pull-off top has a reeded rim and a silver grip on the side to keep the funnel steady. The base is decoratively pierced so that the wine can pass through. There is a small piece of silver missing from the reeded rim but it is virtually invisible as seen in one of the images.
The important factor is that this funnel has still retained its ring which fits onto the base of the lower flange of the pull-off top and whose purpose was to hold the gauze in place which helped to filter out any impurities in the wine.
The full set of hallmarks are clearly stamped at the top of the body and the kings head, lion passant and makers mark are clearly marked on the flange of the pull-off top.
Very few wine funnels have still retained their ring today because they were so easily lost.

Diameter top: 3.1 inches (7.9cm)
Length: 6.8 inches (17.3cm)
Weight: 3.6 troy ounces (113.5 grams)

Sterling silver
Extremely good