Victorian novelty claret jug in the form of a Coote

Victorian novelty claret jug in the form of a Coote



Delightful and very amusing Victorian novelty glass, silver-mounted claret jug in the form of a Coote. Capacity 85 cl. The silver mount of the Cootes head and neck is hallmarked for London 1893 by Edward Hutton of Wm. Hutton & Sons Ltd. The glass body and glass handle are original and the body is at a slight angle. The glass of the body is gently ridged on the inside but smooth on the outside. The base of the silver neck is engraved on the right side of the beak To R.D.H. from H.L.H.P. The makers mark and full hallmarks are struck on the neck on the left of the beak.. The lid is a very realistic representation of a Cootes head with a distinctive long beak, two yellow glass eyes with black pupils and a pronounced upward quiff at the rear of the head which serves as a handle for opening the jug in order to pour the wine. The inside of the lid is stamped with the lion passant and the date mark.

This Coote wine jug is beautifully crafted and looks very convivial and jolly. It epitomises the love of novelty objects for the dining table in the late Victorian era and would make an amusing alternative to the more traditional decanters. In spite of its compact shape, the jugs capacity is 85 cl so that it will easily accomodate a full bottle of wine but it might be equally amusing for brandy or port at the end of the meal. The pristine state of this wine jug and its form would make it a charming addition to any table.




Silver, glass.




Excellent condition. A few small lacerations to the inside of the glass at the neck, probably due to clumsy cleaning but they are hardly visible and apart from this the jug is pristine. The hallmarks on the silver neck are good, especially the makers mark and the date mark. The lion passant and the date mark inside the lid are crisp