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CHARLES I - Silver Medal Peace or War by T Rawlins. London 1643.

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CHARLES I - silver medal Peace or War
Maker: Thomas Rawlins. London 1643.

Obverse: Bust of Charles I looking right. Leg. CAROLVS.D:G.ANG.SCO.FR.ET.HIB.REX.
Under the bust. R. (Thomas Rawlins).
Reverse: Sword and olive branch, crossed, between c and r, both crowned. Leg. IN.VTRVMQVE.PARATVS. (Prepared for both, i.e peace or war). Ex. 1643.
See Metallic Illustrations Vol I. Page 308. No. 134.
This medal was struck to reflect the views of King Charles after the crushing defeat of Sir William Waller and the reduction of the city of Bristol when he summoned his Council to consider how these great blessings in war might be applied to procuring of a happy peace.

Diameter: 1.1 inches (2.8cm)
Weight: 0.25 troy ounces (7.8 grams)
Very fine. See Grading and Description of medals at the beginning of page Antique Medals and Badges.