Nelson - Battle of Copenhagen bronze medal

Nelson - Battle of Copenhagen bronze medal


Beautifully designed bronze medal referring to the Battle of Copenhagen, 1801. Obverse: Justice standing on a rock holding a sword and scales. In the foreground, medallions of Sir Hyde Parker and Lord Nelson. Legend: MARITIME JUSTICE AND BRITISH VALOR. Reverse: A view of the Ore Sound at Copenhagen with ships engaged in battle. In exergue: PASSED . THE . SOUND . AND / DEFEATED . Y . DANISH / FLEET . MAR . 30. According to Mr Laurence Browns British Historical Medals 1760 -1960 Vol. I, No.510, p.125, this medal refers more accurately to Nelson and the English ships entering the sound by Copenhagen on 30 March in preparation for the bombardment on 2 April.

It was at this battle that Nelson made the now famous declaration that he could not see the recall signal sent by Sir Hyde Parker and continued to bombard the Danish ships. Eventually, a truce was called which led to a treaty between England and the coalition of Russia, Sweden and Denmark.


c 1801






Extremely Fine