CHARLES II Coronation Silver Medal. London 1661 by Thomas Simon.

CHARLES II Coronation Silver Medal. London 1661 by Thomas Simon.


Outstanding CHARLES II Coronation Silver Medal. London 1661.
Engraved by Thomas Simon. His engraving has never been surpassed for minuteness and delicacy of work and this is very apparent in this medal. Simon charged £110 for this medals execution and it was struck for distribution among the spectators of the Coronation. Although good specimens could be found quite frequently in Victorian times today this medal due to its intricacy is hard to find in such good condition.
Obverse: Bust of Charles II facing right, crowned, hair long, in royal ermin robes. Collar and George of the Garter. Leg. CAROLVS. II. D.G.ANG.SCO.FR.ET.HI.REX. On truncation, T.S. (Thomas Simon.)
Reverse: Charles II., l., in royal robes, holding the sceptre, is seated on a throne; Peace, hovering over him, places the crown upon his head. Leg. EVERSO. MISSVS. SVCCVRRERE.SECLO.XXIII.APR.1661. (Sent to support a fallen age, 23 April, 1661.).
See Medallic Illustrations of Great Britain and Ireland. Volume I. Page 472/76.

Diameter: 1.2 inches (2.9cm)
Weight: 0.29 troy ounces (9 grams)








Edging slightly worn in two places but legend and medal in Extremely Fine condition.