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ACCESSION of KING GEORGE III Medal. London 1760.

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Interesting silver medal of the Accession of King George III.
Maker: Kirk. London 1760.

According to British Historical Medals 1760-1960 by Laurence Brown. Volume I. No. 4.
George William Frederick (1738-1820), grandson of George II, son Frederick Louis, Prince of Wales and Princess Augusta of Saxe-Gotha. Succeeded to the throne in 1760 and at that time put forth a proclamation against immorality and declared that he gloried in the name of Briton. He cultivated the image of an English nobleman rather than that of a German prince and was believed to have suffered from insanity in his later years; he has been much maligned and
misunderstood by historians.

Obverse: Bust of George III with long hair tied in queue. GEORGIVS . III . REX.
Reverse: A Heart in the centre of a wreath of laurel and oak on a plinth inscribed:- BORN MAY 24 / 1738 / PROCLAIMED / OCTr 26. 1760.
Legend around:- ENTIRELY BRITISH
The reverse of this medal makes it delightful. This is probably the best of all the propaganda medals issued regarding George III’s nationality and allegiance.

Diameter: 1.3 inches (3.3cm)
Weight: 0.66 troy ounces (20.5 grams)
Extremely fine. Very Rare in Silver.